1.1. Installation

Welcome to Cradle! A feature rich, modern admin builder. The following instructions will guide you through the installation process.

1.1.1. Server Requirements

The following are needed in order to successfully install Cradle. Please make sure your sever meets the following requirements.

Cradle has a full stack built-in which cases for particular services if available. Some optional services you may want to configure on your server are the following.

1.1.2. Process

Issue the Composer create-project command in your terminal:

$ composer create-project cradlephp/cradle <project folder name>

Then go cd <project folder name> and run the following and and follow the wizard to install.

$ bin/cradle install
$ bin/cradle sql populate
$ yarn build

To start the server you issue the following command.

$ bin/cradle server -h -p 8888

Optionally, you can configure your application’s document / web root to the public directory.

1.1.3. Load the Page

Open your browser to and you should see the application running. Admin

A default admin login is also generated with the following credentials.

  • Email: john@doe.com
  • Password: 123

The example admin section can be found at